Guest room or the room of captain Contreras


This room, the most independent of the house, serves as a guest room, but at the same time, is a reminder of the most adventurous character who visited Lope's house, Friar Alonso de Contreras. The military man, author of Las aventuras del capitán Alonso de Contreras, lived for several months in Lope's house. In his memoirs, he wrote "Sin haberle hablado en mi vida, me llevó a su casa (...) Y me tuvo por su camarada más de ocho meses, dándome de comer y cenar, y aun vestido me dio. ¡Dios se lo pague!"

To decorate the room in the style of the times (there existed the Chamber Privilege: an obligation for citizens to house the members of the royal entourage), it contained a full bed with a canopy and curtain, a priest's chair, a chair, three stools, an oil lamp and a jug and basin.

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