Daughters' bedchamber


 Feliciana, Lope's heir, and Antonia Clara were the two daughters who lived the longest period of time with him. Today there is a chamber shown as a bedroom for the two of them, although there is no information that confirms this chosen location. Details that help construct the authentic room have been included here. Two beds with corresponding canopies –the small one with blue fabric, and the other with a finer, green fabric—a chair, low table, stool, a chest for clothes, a sewing stool, an oil lamp and a holy font complete the decoration.

The damsels' rooms hides one of the most dramatic moments in the life of the poet, and the painful discovery of the kidnapping of his daughter Antonia Clara, a summer morning in

1634, when Lope did the find the young woman in her room and everything was in disarray ("de las reliquias y no santas, confuso estaba el suelo").
That was, without a doubt, the most painful and bitter memory in Lope de Vega's old age. "Cubrióse entonces de un humor sangriento / el corazón; las lágrimas heladas / no me dejaban ver el aposento".

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Daughters' bedchamber


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