Dining room


This spacious room, with two windows, was witness to the daily scene of the main family meal. Once the table was set, the father, Lope, had to be notified, to be convinced to leave his desk a begin to eat. Apparently, it was his son Carlos Félix who could best convince him that to set aside the pen.

"Llamábanme a comer; tal vez decía
que me dejasen, con algún despecho (...)
Pero de flores y de perlas hecho,
Entraba Carlos a llamarme y daba
Luz a mis ojos, brazos a mi pecho.
Tal vez que de la mano me llevaba,
me tiraba del alma y a la mesa
al lado de su madre me sentaba"

Upon studying Lope's work, we could say that he did not have a very refined palate, although apparently, he was tempted by sweets, "que es lo que acá no sabemos",
he wrote to a friend, surely referring to his cook Lorenza Sánchez's lack of talent with desserts
In addition to the table, chair and cupboard, the room today houses some still life paintings (on deposit from the Prado Museum) and two traditional oil lamps.

Ladies' drawing room

Daughters' bedchamber


Guest room

Son's room

Lope de Vega's bedchamber


Lope de Vega's study

Servant's room

Dinning room