What do you know about Lope´s family?

His mother was Francisca Fernández Floréz and his father Félix de Vega Carpio, master embroiderer, both from the northern mountains of Cantabria. Lope had four brothers and sisters: Francisco, Juliana, Luisa and Juan. The poet spent part of his childhood in the house of his uncle Miguel de Carpio, Inquisitor of Seville.
Lope wrote of his conception in several verses. As if it were any other of his comedies, the poet recounts in those stanzas that he was born a product of his mother’s jealousy and the later reconciliation with his father. The writer explained that his father escaped to Madrid after a love affair and that his mother, tracked him down and rescued him from his lover (“Siguiole hasta Madrid, de celos ciega, / su amorosa mujer, porque él quería / una española Elena, entonces griega.” The reality might have been more common and the true circumstances had more to do with his father’s profession. After working in Valladolid as a master embroiderer, they probably came to Madrid in 1561, which had recently become a city and court. Many of the gentry were moving there, which meant an increased demand for tapestries and curtains to be embroidered.

 “Días ha que falto desa gran ciudad (Sevilla), dónde pasé algunos de los primeros días de mi vida, en casa del inquisidor Don Miguel del Carpio, de buena y santa memoria, mi tío…” wrote Lope in the dedication of his play La hermosa Esther. There is no information about how old Lope was when he lived in Seville with his uncle, although specialists believe that it was before he began his studies in 1573 or 1574 in the School of the Teatinos, or the School of the Jesuitas, of which his uncle was a close friend.

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Su madre fue Francisca Fernández Flórez y su padre Félix de Vega Carpio, maestro bordador, ambos procedían de las montañas de Cantabria.

Lope tuvo cuatro hermanos: Francisco, Juliana, Luisa y Juan. El poeta pasó parte de su infancia en casa de su tío, don Miguel de Carpio, Inquisidor de Sevilla.