Theatre Corral del Príncipe

(Plaza de Santa Ana)

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Today this is the Teatro Español.
In 1565, the Confraternity of the Sagrada Pasión was founded, which ran a corral de comedias. In 1567, the Confraternity of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad was created, with exactly the same idea. They joined forces in 1568, creating a monopoly on theatrical performances. Shortly thereafter, in 1579, the Corral de la Cruz and the Corral del Príncipe were built. In 1638 they were overcome with debt, so the City of Madrid decided to manage the two corrals directly and pay a fixed fee to the confraternities. The resemblance between the two corrales, Cruz and Príncipe, was remarkable, and of the two, the only that still runs as a theater is the Príncipe, now the Teatro Español.

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