Was Lope part of the Inquisition?


Lope was in the Inquisition. He had the position of familiar of the Holy OfficeThe Holy Office is a hierarchical institution. At the top were the Inquisitors, who had many subordinates, among them were the familiar, which were the base of the organization. Since he was in Madrid, Lope was not very active, since there were many familiares of the Holy Office in the Villa and in the court. Other subordinates of the Inquisitors were notaries, treasurers, doctors, prison employees and directors, vicars, etc., which was the lowest level in the organization. In the 17th century, when Lope took on the position, the feared Holy Office, the inhumane Inquisition, was not as feared nor as cruel, it was no longer the vicious institution that instilled terror.

Lope's only participation in the process of the Inquisition was against a Franciscan monkAccording to the story of that auto-da-fé, Lope de Vega managed and presided over the Confraternity of the Familiares and Commissioners of the Holy Office in the processing of Benito Ferrer, condemned to be burned for his crime of sacrilege against the heavenly host of Catalonia.
In 1612, on the deed of his house on Calle de Francos, he appears as Familiar of the Holy Office, a mention that appears alongside his name in the printed programs from the plays under his supervision.

Almost none of the biographies written about Lope de Vega mention anything other than the position he held in the Holy Office. There is no documentation about his activity in the Inquisition, except for his participation in a procession that took place in Madrid. Amércio Castro is one of the few who reference his participation in a process of the Inquisition.

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