Was Lope popular during his lifetime?

Yes, Lope achieved popularity while living. When they wanted to extol a work of art or wanted to note the properties of a product, as vulgar as it may be, they used the expression “It’s by Lope.” His fame was such that the prayer of the day for years was dedicated to him: “I believe in Lope de Vega all powerful, poet of heaven and earth.” However, the Inquisition did not find this amusing and had to intervene in order to remove the new credo. They say that people stopped Lope on the street to greet him and confess their admiration, and then they applauded him. He lived the glory of his success and was the best indicator of poetry and theater of his time.  

One of the events that best shows the extraordinary popularity that Lope de Vega achieved, that the people considered the great writer of the people, is the sensational
burial that he had. The funeral service lasted an amazing nine days, and became the most notable funeral of the time.

“It was Lope’s task to be the appropriate representative of the community to which he belonged. His life, tumult without shores, is like the flow of contemporary history, crazy, proud, unrestrained, full of trip-ups and incredible gestures of nobility. Set firmly in Catholic orthodoxy and in fidelity to the King, Lope assimilates the heartbeat of his people and transforms it into a work of art, giving it a gesture of extraordinary beauty, but without new or complicated points of view, but always faithful to the crowd he finds himself in and supports.”  (Zamora Vicente).

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Su madre fue Francisca Fernández Flórez y su padre Félix de Vega Carpio, maestro bordador, ambos procedían de las montañas de Cantabria.

Lope tuvo cuatro hermanos: Francisco, Juliana, Luisa y Juan. El poeta pasó parte de su infancia en casa de su tío, don Miguel de Carpio, Inquisidor de Sevilla.