What food did Lope like?


For breakfast, Lope had rashers of bacon and bacon fat, and a preserve made of orange rind soaked in honey and liqueur.
At mid-day, his normal meal was the nutritious olla podrida (Spanish stew), the Golden Age's famous dish, made from different vegetables and all types of meats, from lamb to partridge, including different types of beef and pork.
For dinner, Lope picked asparagus from his own garden, cooked them, and ate them drizzled with lemon and paprika, accompanied by poached eggs.

Gastronomy appears often in the literature of the Golden Age. The authors of plays, comedies and picaresque novels, like Cervantes, Góngora, Tirso, Calderón, Quevedo and, of course, Lope de Vega, made continual references to food, wine, fruits or sweets in their works. The different kitchen-related trades also gave these authors much to talk about.

Somebody's social importance and economic situation could be discerned by their knowledge of food and wine.

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